Our Values

We came together as a group over a few weeks and this list of values was the result of a desire to embed our DNA as a group of people into a company set of principles. Something we would be proud to stand behind. By making this list public we are inviting you to hold us to account on what we’ve said, and join us if you believe the same.

We believe in people

We want to change the way people think about work. We want to be understanding of the personal motivations, desires and relationships people want to form at work. We use technology to enable people to talk and to better understand each other.

Transparency and communication; An open company

The way we work is as important as what we work on. Company goals should be shared, and we strive to have everyone think about and question a strategy or problem. We create time and space for people to have their say. We are transparent with clients and share what we have succeeded and failed at publicly. We believe open is better.

Make data great

Data comes from many places, digital files, conversations, thoughts and collaboration. Every company in the future should be leveraging the best of computer science and human intelligence to create a digital asset that forms valuable, sustainable intellectual property for their firm. Stitched aims to be the platform where that happens.

Focus on building the right thing

Start with people. Our products come from user needs, user research and conversations. Building great products is about having empathy and doing a few things really well. We make sure we are solving problems for a large number of people and not building custom software.

Build something of quality

We want our product to be fast, robust and effective. We believe a proper design process creates a better product, delivers more value to our users and gives them the experience they deserve when using software. This means measuring how well we perform and iterating on features we have; making them better vs making more features. We want to run a professional, smooth and slick operation that optimises efficiency and building something of quality. We want that to show in the end result, and for our customers to be proud of the kick ass software we deliver.

Stitched should be an amazing place to do your best work

You only live once. Work should be something you enjoy, that is fulfilling, challenging and a place where you can collaborate with amazing people to build something that’s great. You should grow as a person. We value mentoring, learning and sometimes just downing tools and heading for the outdoors. We want to build a business and not a fly by night startup.

Diverse teams build better products

Everyone says they value diversity don’t they? Let’s take a look in the mirror and actually live that value. Get more people involved, build a better team.

Charity is an obligation of profit

As a software company we benefit greatly from the Open Source movement and free resources online. We should give back to that community. We will also use our skills and time as a technology company to actively help those with less resources than us. We want to make the biggest impact we can, not just sponsor something and forget it.

Act with integrity, be deserving of trust

We want to be seen as partner in building intellectual property for our clients. We treat data as a valuable asset and make sure security is rock solid.

Stitched should be delightful

You know that feeling you get sometimes....when you use something and it works so well you’re surprised at how thoughtful, insightful, amazing, beautiful or just how delightful it is? When somebody takes the time to really consider what you needed...right when you need it? We want you to experience that when using Stitched. We strive to create “delightful” when you use our products.